Hannaford Expands Use of Kronos Workforce Management Solution

Hannaford Bros. Co. has enhanced its workforce management suite of solutions from Kronos Inc. to include the vendor’s labor analytics solution to gain real-time visibility into store performance across the entire enterprise, as well as the next-generation user interface to improve end-user adoption and reduce training efforts. Both solutions will enable Scarborough, Maine-based Hannaford, a Delhaize America banner to boost sales through better customer service.

With the Kronos analytics solution, Hannaford will be able to identify, predict and manage opportunities for cost savings and productivity gains, all while ensuring a consistent and positive shopping experience. As well as offering ease of use, which facilitates end-user adoption and lowers training costs, the next-generation user interface provides an early-warning and guidance system that pinpoints potential problems. The interface presents such problems in a simple, intuitive way, guiding the user to an appropriate resolution through predictive analytics.

The two new additions will further bolster Hannaford’s existing workforce management strategy, including its wall-to-wall optimized scheduling approach. The forecasting and scheduling tools offer access to customer traffic data in 15-minute increments by department and store, enabling managers to generate accurate schedules based on those patterns and trends.

“Through the use of Kronos optimized scheduling, we are achieving many sales benefits,” noted Hannaford manager of labor and productivity Norm Daigle. “The analytics solution and the intuitive user interface will help us reap further rewards. For example, the user interface will improve the execution of our standard practice for scheduling as it will guide the user through the process, allowing them to spend less time in the back office and more time helping customers. Also, our associates and managers will be able to leverage functionality and additional metrics that they previously didn’t have access to.”

“As with many of our long-term customers, Hannaford was looking for ways to further innovate with the use of workforce management solutions,” added Liz Moughan, director, retail and hospitality practice group at Chelmsford, Mass.-based Kronos. “It has already achieved significant benefits with Kronos. By leveraging our more advanced solutions, Hannaford will be able to transform its workforce from a cost of doing business to a competitive advantage.”

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