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Hannaford Bros. Selects Collaborative Logistics Solution from Elogex

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Elogex Inc., provider of collaborative logistic solutions, today announced that Hannaford Bros. Co. has selected the Elogex solution to optimize their transportation operations while maximizing usage of logistics assets.

"We found the Elogex solution to be one that addresses the specific needs of our business from the time the order is placed until we receive delivery in our warehouse," said Rick Zaffarano, director of supply chain services at Hannaford Bros.

Travis Parsons, president and CEO of Elogex, added, "We are looking forward to helping Hannaford achieve their goal of strengthening their vendor and carrier relationships while achieving the next level of supply chain savings.

"We are finding that our comprehensive collaborative logistics capabilities are well-suited to companies like Hannaford who want to be at the technology forefront while strengthening trading partner relationships and achieving a quick return on investment," Parsons said.

The Elogex solution will be deployed throughout the Hannaford, Shop'n Save and sister company Kash n' Karry's supply chain. When fully implemented, Hannaford will process over 120,000 shipments per year, creating collaborative connections between Hannaford and hundreds of carriers and suppliers. Hannaford will use the Elogex solution to manage both inbound and outbound transportation.
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