Half of Americans Add Takeout to the Thanksgiving Menu

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Increasingly activity-rich, time-poor lifestyles are prompting more people to turn to restaurants to help simplify items for the Thanksgiving Day feast, according to new research by the National Restaurant Association (NRA).

While one in 10 consumers dines out on Thanksgiving Day, 53 percent use restaurant-prepared takeout items for all or part of their holiday meals. Further, whether planning a Thanksgiving meal at home or traveling to celebrations with family and friends, restaurants provide their guests a variety of takeout items, from complete meals and fully cooked turkeys, to side dishes and desserts for pick-up on November 23 or before.

"The nation's 925,000 restaurants are an essential part of the lifestyle of more than half of all Americans on Thanksgiving Day," said Steven C. Anderson, NRA's president and chief executive. "Thanksgiving is traditionally spent with family and friends around the dinner table, and restaurants are joining them there, sharing their dining rooms and their favorite Thanksgiving delicacies. For those who prefer to celebrate at home, ready-to-eat takeout items are a perfect addition to time-starved Americans who simply want to enjoy the holiday without cooking or cleaning."

Fifty-three percent of Americans will rely on food prepared away from home for part or all of their Thanksgiving dinners by utilizing restaurant takeout options, according to the research. Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving; in fact, 11 percent of Americans have their Thanksgiving Day meal at a restaurant.

Consumers living in smaller households and households without children are more likely to dine out on Thanksgiving. Males are more likely than females to eat at a restaurant on the holiday. Generally, younger adults are more likely to use restaurant takeout items as part of their Thanksgiving meal at home, the research found.
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