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Haggen Enhances Personalized Omnichannel Marketing

Haggen Food and Pharmacy is launching programs for customer loyalty and ecommerce to allow for more personalized marketing across its in-store, online and mobile channels.

The announcement follows the West Coast grocer’s store expansion and comes at a time when its technology partner, Unata, is expected to achieve a 500 percent year-over-year growth, supported by four new implementations and pilots within the past 60 days.

The new ecommerce platform aims to increase the customer experience offerings and digital presence for the operator of 164 stores with 106 pharmacies. Advanced machine-learning will automate personalized recommendations based on data curated from Haggen’s loyalty program.

The technology will enable 1-to-1 recommendations across the online experience, including personalized ecommerce homepages and searches, individualized product recommendations and personalized circulars to drive in-store purchases. Also, shoppers will be able to organize items as they shop online based on attributes such as organic, gluten-free or vegetarian.

“We are thrilled to offer customers a personalized experience through our new customer loyalty program,” said Beth Walsh, VP of consumer insights at Haggen.

Chris Bryson, Unata CEO, said, “Haggen's focus on a rich customer experience driven by loyalty will help pave the future of the grocery experience.”


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