H-E-B Marketing Branded Prepaid Visa Card

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- H-E-B here has launched a re-loadable H-E-B All-Access Visa Prepaid Card that includes an interest-bearing savings option.

"Our cash-paying customers are always looking for greater access, convenience, and security when making payments," said H-E-B director, services co., Michael J. Poirier. "We're also excited to offer a financial product that allows them to build up savings."

The chain developed the card in collaboration with Austin, Texas-based prepaid card solution provider NetSpend Corp., and Inter National Bank. The card enables customers without traditional banking relationships to make everyday purchases and payments with a Visa card, basically a secure, cost-effective, and convenient alternative to carrying cash.

Said Roy Sosa, NetSpend co-founder and president, "The card allows consumers to spend only the amount loaded onto it. They can continue to pay for products on their own terms, while enjoying the convenience and security of a payment card."

H-E-B cardholders now have the option to start depositing funds into a simple, interest-bearing account that will allow them to begin a savings fund for short and long-term financial empowerment. The savings accounts are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and carry no minimum balance or set-up fee aside from those connected with the card. Account holders can withdraw funds as often as six times per month, in accordance with federal law.

"H-E-B customers can now allow their funds to accumulate interest in a savings account without having to go through a bank," Poirier said. "We're offering them an easier process that is backed by the reputation and reliability of H-E-B."

The card is available at the business centers of participating H-E-B stores. For a $9.95 purchase charge, consumers can load funds from cash, a paycheck or other form of payment onto the card, up to $2,500 per load. No credit check or bank account is required; only a valid government personal identification and U.S. address.

Consumers can use the H-E-B card everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. The card also extends Visa protections such as Visa's Zero Liability policy, which protects cardholders from fraudulent or unauthorized transactions if the card is lost or stolen.

Additionally, cardholders have access to All-Access Bill Pay, a service that allows them to pay their bills online by accessing the H-E-B All-Access website.
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