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Growth of Ohio Save-A-Lot a 'Family Affair'

Ohio Save-A-Lot owner Joe Janes has helped his family’s business expand from two stores to 13 Save-A-Lot outlets throughout the state since 2000.  The savvy grocer explains that he focuses his development strategy on areas where shoppers in the middle- to lower-income demographic are not well-served by existing food retailers.  His customers rely on Save-A-Lot, he says, to offer fresh produce and meat, frozen foods and dry groceries at market-leading low prices on a consistent basis and in a convenient-to-shop format.

“We have most of the key grocery commodity items,” explains Janes. “We don’t carry heirloom tomatoes. We carry everyday grocery items.”

Learn more about the secrets of Janes’ Save-A-Lot successes in the video below.

For more information, visit, or call (314) 592-9350.

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