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Grocery Outlet's Mr. Turkey Leg Pageant Kicks-Off

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Grocery Outlet Inc. this past weekend began a Thanksgiving promotion in the form of a beauty pageant like no one has ever seen -- and perhaps no one will probably want to see again -- the Mr. Turkey Leg Pageant.

The "bargains only" food retailer is on the hunt in seven states for contestants with the scrawniest, thickest, or shapeliest, gnarly, bird-like legs to compete for the honor of being crowned the first Mr. Turkey Leg.

Shoppers will get to vote for the winners. Those who submit an entry receive a $3 coupon. Winners will be announced after the votes are counted November 4th. Each store will have three winners, with gift card prizes of $200 for first place, $75 for second, and $50 for third.
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