Grocery Outlet to Use Lucky Private Label and Signature Programs

BERKELEY, Calif. -- Extreme value discounter Grocery Outlet said yesterday it plans to feature two of the Lucky private label brand names and signature price reduction programs at its Grocery Outlet bannered stores in the near future.

The retailer is not planning to use these programs at its single, newly opened Lucky-bannered store anytime soon, and didn't comment on why the programs will only appear at Grocery Outlet.

"When we did our trademark review back in January, we learned that Albertsons totally abandoned the Lucky private label names Lady Lee and Harvest Day," Jon Wylie, Grocery Outlet's v.p. of marketing told Progressive Grocer. "Also abandoned was their signature for Temp Price Reductions, called Key Buys. So in March we filed for all three. For now we will use the brand names in Grocery Outlet stores only. Our plans for Key Buys will be announced later."

"If Albertsons was planning to use the Lucky name for retail stores, why would they abandon these three integral assets?" Wylie added.
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