Grocereasy 7.0 assists handicapped shoppers

RIDGELAND, Miss. -- Grocereasy 7.0, a program originally developed to assist handicapped people and those of diminished capacity with their grocery shopping, is now commercially available.

This product allows any grocery store in the US to provide drive-through services with no alteration to their systems. The Grocereasy program allows a user to scan barcodes of items to add to the list, either as they are used, or by visiting the pantry. Keychain-sized scanners are available as an option. These items are then added to the grocery list in batch.

A one-click selection of a recipe will add selected ingredients to the list. Further, the program will automatically add prescriptions, birthdays, anniversaries and coupons to the list that expire or are coming up within 30 days. All lists are printed in aisle and section order, making them extremely easy to fill and can be electronically transmitted or downloaded to a PDA.
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