Green Zebra Grocery to Add Locations, Joins Instacart

Green Zebra Grocery, a hybrid health-food/convenience store run by former New Seasons CEO Lisa Sedlar, is making plans for two more locations in Portland, Ore., and also joined the grocery delivery service Instacart.

Sedlar opened the first Green Zebra location -- a 5,600-square-foot mini format store that focuses on healthy and local products -- in October 2013 in North Portland’s Kenton Neighborhood. According to local news reports, she plans to open a second location next summer with a third soon to follow. Earlier plans for additional locations had been scuttled due to a lack of investors.

The second store, to open in Southeast Portland, will boast a slightly larger footprint at 6,400 square feet, and will also feature a growler station and kombucha area as well as wine on tap and grab-and-go food.

Green Zebra also has partnered with Instacart for delivery of groceries to customers in Portland and nearby Beaverton. It joins Whole Foods, Costco and Uwajimaya, and is the first locally-owned Portland grocery to join the service.  

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