Green Hills Joins Cornell Center for Hospitality Research

Syracuse, N.Y.-based Green Hills’ in-store technology lab, Center for Advanced Retail Technology (CART) has joined Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (CHR) as a corporate “Friend” in an effort to expand its educational mission of providing retailers with information to succeed in the next generation of retailing.

“We seek to continue expanding the educational mission of CART by partnering with some of the best schools in the country,” said Sterling Hawkins, EVP of Green Hills and CART. “Cornell’s excellent case study generation and strategy research make it an ideal partner for CART as it seeks to further the industry.”

CART will support the center’s research program, in part by supplying data to CHR research fellows. With CART, the CHR has a total of 81 corporate partners and friends.

“The addition of CART means that our researchers will be able to analyze the key elements of customer satisfaction and to examine leading retail management strategies and developments,” said professor Rohit Verma, executive director of the Center for Hospitality Research. “Our many friends and partners provide a rich data environment so that we can offer research that improves the hospitality industry and related service business practices.”

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