Green Hills Farms to Launch Biometric Loyalty, Payments Program

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Green Hills Farms plans to launch a biometric payment system with enhanced loyalty functionality. The system, called SmartShop, powered by biometric solution provider Pay By Touch, San Francisco, Calif., uses a finger scan not only to pay but also to access customized coupons, promotions, and rewards from an in-store kiosk.

The SmartShop offering, which integrates the Pay By Touch consumer biometric payment service with Green Hills' well-regarded loyalty program, is the first of its kind, according to the vendor.

"Our business strategy has always been based on the premise that customer service is the best way to retain customers and drive business," said Gary Hawkins, c.e.o. of Green Hills. "With SmartShop powered by Pay By Touch, Green Hills' shoppers can expect to save on the things they actually buy, plus get through checkout with increased speed, ease, and security."

Unlike traditional loyalty programs that attempt to shift shoppers' brand choices with offers and discounts, Green Hills finger-activated SmartShop system offers its shoppers discounts on the things they actually buy.

To use SmartShop, Green Hills shoppers scan their fingers at kiosks throughout the store to receive customized shopping lists and specials. At the point of sale, shoppers can pay for groceries with a finger scan that automatically links to their financial accounts and SmartShop points. The quick sign up process and access to individualized rewards can also be accessed via Green Hills' Web site.

Green Hills often serves as a testing laboratory for burgeoning technologies and marketing insights that further the development of true one-to-one marketing in a mass retail environment. It was founded in 1930's as a roadside farm stand on Route 80 in South Onondaga, and has since evolved into an independent, high-volume supermarket located in Syracuse, New York.
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