Green Hills Deploys New Loyalty Platform

Syracuse, N.Y.-based independent Green Hills launched a new shopper loyalty software platform to enhance its targeted marketing efforts.

The grocer is using the Relevance Suite of solutions from Relevance Partners. The browser-based software is developed to provide customizable interfaces and seamless integration to all touchpoints in the shopper ecosystem. According to Green Hills, the system balances the automation and optimization of targeted offers while enabling secure collaboration by the retailer’s vendor partners. In addition, its collaborative capability accelerates vendor participation, improving targeted marketing programs while facilitating the funding of shopper-centric efforts.

"Retail 3.0 is the next wave of grocery retailing, and it requires a new level of sophistication in automating personalized shopper offers and distributing these offers to consumers" said Gary Hawkins, CEO of Green Hills and president of retail technology consultancy Hawkins Strategic. "The Relevance Suite is a powerful platform that supports this evolution, and will be our primary resource for shopper insight, offer automation, CPG collaboration, and campaign management."

According to Dave Carlson, CEO of Relevance Partners, the Relevance Suite is the first collaborative platform purpose-built for retailers. “Our application allows retailers to enlist vendor support, while fully controlling and measuring their shopper communications,” he said.

The platform was designed to be as user-friendly on the front end as it is sophisticated on the back-end. "Relevance Suite utilizes an innovative architecture that allows non-technical end users to directly mine their shopper transaction database with exceptional scale and efficiency," says Relevance CTO Eric Friedman.

Friedman added that the software's full-feature modular design allows many retailers to consolidate and automate functions that typically require multiple stand-alone applications, including segmentation, business intelligence insight delivery, offer targeting, and circular analysis.

Green Hills invited retailers to experience this technology first-hand at its Center for Advanced Retail Technology (CART), a retail technology lab in the grocer’s store developed to bring its Retail 3.0 vision to a live retail environment. CART’s mission is to enhance industry learning through retailer visits with hands-on, behind-the-scenes views into new and forthcoming technologies and discussion focused on changing business practices.
Retailers interested in visiting CART can email Gary Hawkins directly at [email protected].
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