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Grain Foods Foundation Kicking Off 'Grains for LIFE" Campaign

NEW YORK - The Grain Foods Foundation, whose goal is "to [advance] the public's understanding of the beneficial role grain-based foods play in the human diet" in a low-carb-crazy world, will launch its multiyear "Grains for LIFE" campaign here and in Washington, D.C. on Feb. 1, 2005.

The idea, Grain Foods Foundation Ann Scanlon told Progressive Grocer, was to kick off the campaign in big metropolitan areas with a strong press presence and policymakers, then branch out nationwide through the media and the campaign's Web site, The site, which also launches Feb. 1, is designed to serve as a nutritional resource for consumers, physicians, health care professionals, and members of the media.

Beginning Dec. 31, a teaser airs on the Reuters Jumbotron in Times Square portraying bread speaking to the American people: "Remember me?"..."Try to make a sandwich without me" ... Bread makes its comeback in NYC - if it can make it here, it can make it anywhere!

The purpose of "Grains for LIFE" (longevity, intelligent eating, fitness, and energy) is to remind Americans that a balanced diet, representative of all foods, together with physical exercise, is an optimal solution for achieving and maintaining long-term health and wellness. With the slogan of "Bread. It's Essential" visible throughout the city via posters and billboards, the program will provide the American public with the information they need to protect and advance their health and well-being by making the right nutritional decisions for themselves and their families, according to the foundation.

The information, facts, materials, and advice offered to consumers through the Grains for LIFE campaign and on are distilled from the knowledge and research of the 11 MDs, PhDs, and board-certified nutritionists who are members of the foundation's advisory board.

Additionally, through partnerships with the March of Dimes, Town Sports International and others, the foundation hopes to publicize such topics as the importance of folic acid (an ingredient in enriched breads) in the diets of women of childbearing age, said Scanlon.

The foundation is a joint venture of members of the milling and baking industries formed in 2004. Directed by a board of trustees, funding for the foundation is provided through voluntary donations from private grain-based food companies and supplemented by donations from the American Bakers' Association; North American Millers' Association; BEMA, the baking industry suppliers association; the American Institute of Baking, and other industry organizations.
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