Going Green with Bulk Buying

In honor of Earth Month in April, the Bulk is Green Council is offering five easy tips for going green and the grocery store that eco-minded grocers can share with their shoppers.

- Reduce waste. Buy just the amount needed. For example, pay attention to the amount selected or scooped when experimenting with a new spice or stocking up on trail mix. Overdoing it only means you’ll pay, literally, the next time you rid your cupboard of outdated food.

- Reuse it and get rewarded. Bring your own bags and containers. Invest in glass containers or give empty cottage cheese containers a second use by filling them with brown rice from the bulk foods section or a quinoa salad from the deli counter. Just ask the cashier to weigh your container ahead of time. While you’re at it, BYOB (bring your own bag). For single use, opt for paper.

- Buy natural and organic, whenever possible. Avoiding food products made with pesticides and other non-natural ingredients can benefit personal health and the health of the environment. And buying bulk organic foods can help shave the cost from these products that are often prices at a premium. By buying natural and organic in the bulk foods section, shoppers can pay 30 to 96 percent less.

- Make it a one-shop stop. Save gas, time and the environment by picking up everything in one efficient trip. Visit a local all-in-one supermarket, or consider cooking recipes made almost entirely with ingredients from one section of the grocery store, such as the bulk foods aisle, to save time.

- Turn the shopping over to the kids. Get the little ones excited about being green by allowing them to select natural, organic or Fair Trade treats and snacks themselves. Be it in the natural foods section or the bulk foods aisle, they’ll enjoy the freedom and you’ll enjoy getting healthy and eco-friendly food into the grocery cart without a fight.

The Bulk is Green Council is a non-profit advocacy group that spreads awareness about the environmental and economical benefits of shopping in the bulk foods section.

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