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GMDC Launches Portal for Technology Solutions


Retailer members of the Global Market Development Center (GMDC) will be able to connect and collaborate easily with technology providers via an online portal built in partnership with the Center for Advancing Retail & Technology (CART). The platform allows GMDC members to find, learn about service, solution and innovations in retail, and connect with providers in its unique ecosystem.

Patrick Spear, president and CEO, GMDC, said, “With a surge in new technology in recent years, the CART platform gives our members the ability to quickly find and understand the latest tools that can support their business strategies and goals.”

The CART portal also features several resources such as case studies, papers and publications that can be searched and downloaded.

“Technology-fueled innovation is transforming and disrupting the retail industry, challenging industry participants to keep pace. CART is helping the retail industry connect with innovation,” said Gary Hawkins, CEO and founder of the organization that connects retailers, brand manufacturers, and solution providers.

“GMDC realizes the importance of technology to retail today and is helping its members identify and deploy the best solutions for their business. Today’s fast-paced innovation rewards those who are nimble and the GMDC team is taking advantage of that to bring leading-edge capabilities to their members,” said Hawkins, who operates a technology platform for the National Grocers Association (NGA).

GMDC is a trade association focused on general merchandise and health/beauty/wellness products. It serves more than 600 retailers, wholesalers, suppliers and service/solution member companies.

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