Giant of Landover Provides Lunchtime Food Safety Tips

LANDOVER, Md. - In conjunction with the kickoff of National Food Safety Education Month in September, Giant Food has launched an effort to offer consumers back-to-school food tips for keeping lunches safe.

Odonna Mathews, v.p. of consumer affairs said: "Giant believes that safe food handling practices in our stores and our homes are a year-round effort, but during National Food Safety Education Month, we are happy to partner with the federal government to bring the issues into national focus. This year we want to emphasize safe and healthful lunches," she added, noting, "Rule one in back-to-school safety is keeping the lunch cold."

How and what is packed in the school lunch is also important, not only for its nutrition content but also for its safety, said Mathews, who advised parents to use non-perishable, shelf-stable foods that hold with minimal refrigeration until lunchtime. She also recommended foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, peanut butter sandwiches, canned meats, shelf-stable cheeses, packaged pudding, canned or single serve fruits and juice boxes.

"Bag It, a Guide to Packing Safe and Nutritious Lunches," is available on Giant's Web site,, to give consumers more tips and ideas to appeal to both children and adults.

Throughout September the Ahold subsidiary will highlight a variety of information on safe food handling on its Web site, where consumers can also find safe food handling information on all types of products, information for high risk populations, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding food safety.
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