Giant Food, Maryland Poison Center Issue Holiday Food Safety Advisory

LANDOVER, Md. - Giant Food, LLC and the Maryland Poison Center (MPC) issued a holiday food safety and poison prevention advisory at the beginning of this busy holiday season.

Underscored by the fact that foodborne illness has been described as the second-leading cause of sickness in the United States, behind the common cold, the bulletin alerts consumers that handling foods safely during the holiday rush is the key to enjoying a tasty and healthy holiday.

"Consumers need to remember the four simple steps to food safety, Clean, Chill, Separate, and Cook, so that the foods served at holiday events are safe and wholesome," said Odonna Mathews, Giant's v.p. of consumer affairs.

In the holiday rush, Mathews said, consumers should not neglect to wash their hands and countertops before preparing food, to store food at proper temperatures, refrigerate leftovers promptly, and refrigerate stuffing and turkey separately in shallow containers within two hours of cooking.

She also urged consumers to use a thermometer to cook a safe and tasty meal, and offered tips on how to check the temperature of other parts of the bird as well as other foods being cooked or reheated.
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