Giant Eagle Allays Oil Spill Fears Over its Seafood

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Giant Eagle Allays Oil Spill Fears Over its Seafood


The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has had no impact on the availability, quality or safety of seafood offerings at Giant Eagle stores, the Pittsburgh, Pa.-based grocer announced on its Web site.

“We work closely with our supplier community to deliver the freshest and highest-quality seafood offerings to our customers,” Giant Eagle reported. “We source seafood from a variety of areas across the country and around the world. We choose suppliers that harvest and process our seafood in a safe and sustainable manner.”

Giant Eagle does not source its oysters from the Gulf of Mexico but does procure Wild American Texas Brown Gulf Shrimp harvested off the Texas coast. “This fishery has had no reporting of any oil contamination or closed fisheries to date,” the grocer said. “Our seafood is ensured safe by third-party organizations such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. We continue to monitor the situation in the gulf and are confident that none of our seafood is sourced from the affected area.”

Less than 2 percent of all seafood consumers in the United States is sourced from the Gulf of Mexico.