Germany's Real and Extra Stores Add New Languages to Self-Checkouts

HAMBURG, Germany -- "Welcome" in various languages will soon appear on the welcome screen of self-checkout units in Germany's Real hypermarkets and Extra superstores as the retailers plan to program new languages into the systems over the next few weeks.

The self-checkout units from Atlanta-based NCR Corp. are being programmed to "speak" French, Turkish, and Russian, in addition to German and English.

"We recognize that some of our customers do not speak German as their native language," said Markus Jablonski, public relations manager for Extra. "With this development, we will now offer a new standard of service in our stores. We want all consumers to feel comfortable and optimally served, regardless of language, and ultimately to become loyal Real or Extra customers."

Following extensive testing in a store in Eschborn, near Frankfurt, conversion of the complete menu structure of NCR FastLane to the five languages is currently in progress in approximately 50 Real and Extra locations.

SB-Warenhaus GmbH is a Metro Group company operating Real hypermarkets and Extra superstores. In 2005 the company operated 328 hypermarkets in Germany, Poland, Turkey, and the Russian Federation, and 264 supermarkets under the Extra banner.
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