GE Raises Profile in Produce Section

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GE Raises Profile in Produce Section

Retailers can make fresh produce more appealing, convenient and economical with the 2010 GE Profile refrigeration line.

GE Profile side-by-side refrigerators, which feature the ClimateKeeper2 dual-evaporator system, provides ideal conditions to maintain maximum freshness of fruits, vegetables and other fresh foods longer, thereby eliminating waste. ClimateKeeper2 creates two separate climates to maintain food flavor and quality, a humid fresh-food compartment to retain the moisture in fresh produce, and a more arid freezer side to reduce the freezer’s defrost cycles. On certain models, a single-evaporator ClimateKeeper system maintains even, accurate temperatures to protect a variety of foods.

Additionally, the ALL LED lighting system, which lights from the front, maximizes visibility, making it easy for shoppers to read ingredients and nutritional information before removing items from the refrigerator. The system lights the unit from 10 separate lighting locations, while a typical refrigerator does so from just three. Each lighting center is recessed into the refrigerator wall, so retailers gain real useable capacity for storage of additional foods.

The look of the units has been updated, too, with backlit stainless steel buttons and LCD readouts on the control panel. For convenience, the GE Profile line now has a Arctica icemaker that holds 40 percent more ice than previous GE Profile icemakers, along with a QuickIce feature that speeds up the ice-making process by 50 percent. A TurboCool setting restores proper temperatures quickly after the door is opened.

Each GE Profile side-by-side model is Energy Star-qualified and ADA compliant. Models are available in spring 2010, with suggested retail prices ranging from $1,399 to $2,799.