Galleria Retail Technology Upgrades Behavioral Cluster Planning Solution

Category optimization solutions provider Galleria Retail Technology Solutions has upgraded its Behavioral Cluster Planning solution with new functionality that enables retailers and manufacturers to optimize sales by clustering stores based on product performance data, such as historic sales, market, or manufacturer information.

Version 3.0 features improved statistical data cleansing methods, reporting functions, and management tools to provide more accurate and efficient clusters, according to the Chicago-based vendor.

“Version 3.0 of Behavioral Cluster Planning offers a higher level of science and sophistication to help users create a precise cluster strategy in less time,” said Mike Humphreys, CTO, Galleria. “The intuitive, user-friendly solution offers the same robust scalability, but provides added functionality to help retailers and manufacturers gain more insight into consumer behavior to satisfy their merchandising needs and achieve a faster return on investment.”

The new statistical methodology in Version 3.0 is designed to automatically help the user to cleanse data to eliminate white noise and generate quality, automated clusters – without adding more work. The solution’s enhanced reporting features also enable users to create multiple tabs to compare and contrast various scenarios on demand, eliminating the need to compare reports manually. Furthermore, it allows users to preview how a new or remodeled store will perform in a cluster without having to recalculate the entire existing strategy.

“The new release of our Behavioral Cluster Planning solution balances the science of clustering with practicalities of retail – all while providing the convenience of automation to enable retailers to achieve true retail optimization,” added Humphreys

Galleria provides customer-focused solutions for clustering, automated assortment and space optimization supported by detailed analytics and reporting tools designed to meet the needs of retailers and CPG vendors and manufacturers. Its customers include Wal-Mart, Tesco, Safeway, Morrisons, Giant Eagle, Asda and One Stop. For more information, visit www.galleria-rts.


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