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FutureProof Retail Introduces Self-install Mobile Checkout

FutureProof Retail introduced a self-install kit for its Mobile Checkout app, whose cost is rolled into an overall engagement fee, making it cost-effective for single-store operators and independents to offer to customers.

The Mobile Checkout self-install kit contains individualized instructions, checkout beacons and cameras, iBeacons for the store entrance, mounting hardware, and checkout code signs. The set up typically takes one to two hours and is confirmed and activated by FPR staff. Phone support is available as needed.

The engagement fee, which includes installation costs, reduces the cost of offering mobile checkout by 80 percent when compared to a traditional self-checkout and is 400 percent more effective.

The white labeled shopping app allows customers to scan items as they shop and once the trip is complete, the customer simply pushes a “check out” button to pay via their smartphone, credit/debit card or Apple Pay.

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