Freshop Announces SNAP Integration
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Freshop Announces SNAP Integration

While many Americans have switched to online grocery shopping to comply with social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic, that might not be an option for low-income families who rely on U.S. government nutrition assistance. Programs like WIC or SNAP have historically required a household member to make purchases using benefits, in-person, in front of a cashier. 

Freshop is proud to announce full integration of SNAP on its platform in select states across the U.S. giving millions of Americans the ability to feel safe while providing the necessary nutrition for their families’.

SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, a federal program that helps low-income American families put food on their tables. SNAP is the largest program working to fight hunger in America and helps provide access to basic nutritional needs.

Freshop believes people who receive SNAP benefits should have the same opportunities to shop for food the way many Americans do: ordering and paying for groceries online. With robust tools including SNAP balance inquiries direct from site, split payments to cover non-SNAP items and easy filters to identify eligible products, SNAP users can move through their online grocery orders in just a few clicks

Over the past year, Freshop has made the integration of SNAP benefits a priority, believing they can help make certain that families are given a shot at nutritious living. SNAP is thought to be essential to making sure no one in America goes hungry. Freshop stands ready to bring these features to all eligible retailers and their communities.

In early 2020, Jimmy Wright, owner of Wright’s Market, was the first independent grocer to incorporate SNAP into their online shopping capabilities-Freshop powered it all. 

Wright’s is committed to customer satisfaction, from ease of online shopping, discounted fresh produce in addition to SNAP benefits with Double Up Bucks, to individual customer reach-out. “We have a reputation in our community that we take care of our customers. We were hit hard in center-store during COVID-19, instead of out-of-stocking we called people on the phone, telling them what we were out of but what we could provide. We believe in doing the right thing, even if it takes time. Freshop’s platform is unique in its ability to help us help others,” said Wright. 

Wright also mentions that more than a third of the market’s business comes from SNAP recipients and that the program fits well with the company’s overall mission. “Our mission in our business is nourishing families and strengthening communities, so we’re always looking for opportunities to bring that mission to fruition, and this was certainly one that lined up with it,” he said.

Freshop is encouraging retailers to participate in the online purchasing program by applying to the FNS SNAP program. Freshop has done most of the work FOR YOU! If you are interested in participating in acceptance of SNAP benefits a simple email letter of intent to FNS confirming you meet the requirements is all that’s needed — an easy first-step.

Freshop powers complete digital engagement for over 3,000 stores around the world. Our robust platform includes e-commerce for click & collect, delivery and direct-to-home, as well as management tools for order fulfillment.  Enhanced by many third-party integration options for loyalty and coupons and advanced features to help your customers safely shop and keep a strong connection to your store. Want to learn more and see if we are the right fit for your store? Contact our sales team to learn more about Freshop and schedule a demo of our products. 

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