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FreshDirect Introduces FoodKick

This week, FreshDirect is rolling out a new service aiming to deliver items in as little as an hour from the time an order is placed.

FoodKick, based in the trendy Brooklyn community of Williamsburg, will begin its availability in some areas of the borough, as well as  Long Island City in neighboring Queens, home to FreshDirect, but, as FoodKick asserted on its website, “we’re expanding fast!”

FoodKick is a new mobile-first food business that connects consumers to the freshest, tastiest finds in food, drinks, and lifestyle essentials, all delivered within an hour,” a company spokeswoman told PG. “It is built on a deep understanding of the food needs of busy urban dwellers who live on demand, embrace spontaneity and love discovery. Rooted in consumer research, the business was designed to be instantly ready for consumers’ immediate food decisions -- whether that’s dinner tonight, last-minute plans, entertaining friends and family, or fill-ins.”

FoodKick will provide free deliveries for the first 30 days, and then charge $3.99 for delivery within two or more hours, and $5.99 for delivery in an hour. Shoppers will be able to place orders via mobile app and have items delivered to wherever they are, home or away.

As for what’s on offer, “FoodKick will curate and rotate new food finds and solutions for the on-demand consumer, including meal hacks, food and alcohol pairings, farm-fresh seasonal produce, pantry staples and home essentials,” noted the spokeswoman. “In addition to meals, fresh produce, meat, seafood and specialty items, FoodKick will feature a growing selection of new and limited-time offerings from partners such as Cocktail Courier, Indie Fresh and Hungry Root. An in-house culinary team will prepare made-to-order sushi, meat and seafood.”

Items will be delivered, according to the FoodKick website, “on our awesome Vespas and bikes.”

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