Fresh Seafood Trends:<br />Twice-Weekly Fish Consumption Remains Wise Choice: British Agency

At a time when several progressive grocers are renewing their commitment to well-planned fresh seafood strategies during the ongoing celebration of National Seafood Month — including Pittsburgh-based Giant Eagle, which is currently offering an aggressive Wild Alaska Seafood campaign backed with online recipes, how-to videos and other practical pointers — comes confirmation about the importance of eating fish twice a week from the United Kingdom’s Food Standards Agency (FSA).
Highlighting the fact that “evidence for the health benefits of fish consumption remains clear,” the agency’s latest report also takes into account another hot button often related to seafood: sustainability. FSA points out that fish and shellfish farming play a big role in providing plenty of seafood for consumers.

“With its latest advice, FSA has done a good job of focusing on the fact that people need to eat more fish, while at the same time addressing the issue of sustainability,” notes Jennifer McGuire, a registered dietitian and the director of nutrition communications for the National Fisheries Institute (NFI).

Pointing to a recent report published by the United State’s Public Library of Science that found nearly 84,000 deaths annually attributable to low omega-3 (seafood) intake, McGuire says FSA’s advice now also includes “some practical things we can all do when we’re choosing seafood,” such as trying to choose types of fish that are “responsibly managed” and to “eat a wider variety of fish species.”

“Encouraging a fish-rich diet can have dramatic benefits on the health of a nation, and FSA’s recommendations seem to get that,” says McGuire, adding that the agency’s advice spotlights regularly working in different types of fish, “which is in line with both sustainability and good health.”
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