Fresh Produce Trends: Publix Readies for “Redland Raised” Local Produce

Publix Super Markets Inc. is gearing up to showcase branded local produce from Miami-Dade County, Fla., under the new Redland Raised moniker. Named in homage to the warm, fertile Redland area near Homestead, the new line — which thus far includes beans, yellow squash, zucchini, boniato, okra and avocados — will be promoted with special signage and pricing in more than 1,000 Publix locations beginning this month.

Created by Miami-Dade County, in conjunction with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, the Redland Raised brand is a part of the Fresh from Florida brand, of which the majority of Florida-based growers and packers are members.

“While we have always been committed to supporting fresh locally grown produce when available, we are excited to help introduce this new produce brand, which will allow us to better inform our customers on the benefits of buying local,” says Publix’s Miami-based spokesperson, Kim Jaeger.

“Pairing Publix with our locally grown produce makes great sense,” adds Carlos Alvarez, mayor of Miami-Dade County, which ranks as the Sunshine State’s second-largest agriculture contributor and 18th in the country, generating an estimated $2.7 billion for the local economy. Alvarez further notes that the effort would not only educate, but also encourage residents “to invest in local produce and, in turn, stimulate the economy in our county.”
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