The Fresh Grocer Launches Web-based Rewards Program

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The Fresh Grocer Launches Web-based Rewards Program

The Fresh Grocer has teamed up with rewards program services provider Capture Resource to enroll members in its "Fresh Rewards Program," in which members receive special benefits when they use their Fresh Rewards card, as well as special promotions via mail and e-mail when they opt in during enrollment.

"We are committed to electronic enrollment for the Fresh Rewards Program because we can eliminate paper applications entirely and make the process easier for our staff and customers," said Grant McLoughlin, EVP at the Fresh Grocer. "The Rapid Enroll kiosks are also the easiest way we found to simplify conversion to new cards for our customers while ensuring that the integrity of our database is maintained."

The vendor implemented three Internet-based Rapid Enroll kiosks in Fresh Grocer's eight stores in the greater Philadelphia area. The kiosks were designed to facilitate enrollments in the program, and convert members with the current loyalty cards to the new Fresh Rewards magnetic stripe cards. According to Capture Resource, the Rapid Enroll electronic enrollment process eliminates paper-based enrollments, allows self-service customer program conversion in less than a minute and automates linking of current and new card numbers via house holding.

The vendor is also providing Web hosting and fulfillment for online enrollments as well as cards for the program. Future plans for the Fresh Rewards program include the ability to send tailored coupons to customers based on the preferences they enter during enrollment. The kiosk content can be updated as the reward program evolves.

The Fresh Grocer operates eight stores in the Greater Philadelphia area.