FRESH DELI TRENDS: Tillamook ‘Loaf Love’ Tour Spreads Better Cheddar

To help spread the love of its eponymous Baby Loaf, Tillamook Cheese is gearing up to take its Loaf Love Tour to the streets via grocery stores’ parking lots in the coming days, with Tucson, Ariz., slated as the first stop its 100-city/nine-state Western U.S. road show, which also includes Illinois and Texas.

Despite his conviction that Tillamook “is the best-selling natural cheese brand in the West,” John Russell, the brand’s senior director of marketing, says, “People across the country may not have experienced it. We know that once people taste our cheddar, they will become passionate fans.”

To that end, the Tillamook, Ore.-based farmer-owned co-op will soon begin dispatching a trio of mobile mini-buses, retrofitted from 1966 Standard VW Microbuses to resemble Baby Loafs of Tillamook cheddar, to grocery stores, neighborhoods and special events. Loaf Love “groupies” will have the chance to sample Tillamook’s Medium and Sharp all-natural cheddars, while learning of its Pacific Northwest heritage that relies on the highest-quality milk from cows not treated with the artificial growth hormone rBST.

Loaf Love tourists also will receive free recipes, coupons and other giveaways, as well as the opportunity to join the official Tillamook Fan Club. Two daughters of Tillamook dairy farmers, who also were Tillamook County dairy princesses, will join the Tour as brand ambassadors and share their passion for the Tillamook Baby Loaf.

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