Fred Meyer Rolls Out New Rewards Card

PORTLAND, Ore. - Fred Meyer, a division of the Kroger Co., announced the rollout of its new Fred Meyer Rewards Card, to be introduced in Idaho and eastern Washington Fred Meyer stores this week.

Designed to attract and reward customer loyalty, the card differs from cards offered by other retailers in that it isn't tied into price. "Our Fred Meyer Rewards card is not like any other supermarket card," says v.p. of sales promotion and marketing Ross Thomas. "It does not affect prices in any way. You still get the same low prices whether you use the card or not. No gimmicks, no pricing games, and no fees to join."

Instead the Rewards Card will pay customers a rebate for simply using the card when they shop at Fred Meyer. Customers earn one "point" every time they spend at least five dollars at Fred Meyer. If a customer earns at least 100 points during a 13-week period, he or she qualifies for a rebate. Points will be tallied and displayed on the customer's receipt every time the customer uses the card when making a purchase. Rebates will be mailed to customers at the end of the 13-week period.

Customers who use the Rewards Card can accumulate points by making purchases from every department except Fred Meyer Jewelers.

As an incentive to sign up, customers will receive a coupon good for a free 20 points the first time they use their Rewards Card. During the first month of the program, Fred Meyer will also hold a sweepstakes in which customers can win up to a $500 Fred Meyer shopping spree simply by using their Rewards Cards.

Customers in Idaho and eastern Washington can sign up for their Rewards Cards now at Fred Meyer stores.
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