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Fred Meyer, Kroger Marketplace Separate POS Data on Mixed Sales Feed

Kroger Marketplace and Fred Meyer are using a new feature of the Retail Analytic Software from Enhanced Retail Solutions (ERS) to separate their POS data that had been on the same sales feed.

Automatically segregating the mixed data is designed to make retail sales data more useful and usable for each retailer. Both can now run individual reporting off a mixed sales data feed, which is the EDI feed of Fred Meyer, a division of parent Kroger.

“Our client’s buyer at Fred Meyer was thrilled to see their Fred Meyer and Kroger business separately,” said David Matsil, President of Business Development at ERS, a provider of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) retail analytic and demand planning solutions.

He said the service will now take the merged Fred Meyer and Kroger Marketplace retail sales and split it accurately for each retail chain. ERS’ Retail Synthesis BI reporting software can roll together the two chains’ sales as well.

ERS’ hardware and retail analytics software transforms millions of lines of raw, unparsed EDI 852 point of sale text to clean, usable reporting in minutes. Its automated EDI 852 POS conversion service offers 24/7 data processing, including Sundays.

Fred Meyer merged with Cincinnati-based Kroger Co. in 1999. Recently, the latter debuted a chain called Kroger Marketplace, offering fresh foods along with home fashion and décor, bed and bath, kitchen and small appliances, and home office and toys, as a one-stop shopping destination.


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