Former White House Military Chef to Host ECRM Culinary Awards

Chef Samuel Morgante, a former White House Military Chef to President George W. Bush, will host the “Presidential Chef Culinary Awards” during ECRM’s Foodservice event, held April 14-16 in Orlando. During the event, Morgante will sample products from participating show suppliers and will select a winner, which will be announced April 15.

The ECRM Foodservice event will also feature two educational opportunities. Maureen Azzato, a veteran business journalist who has reported on the foodservice industry for more than 20 years, will moderate a panel discussion of major foodservice players who will discuss emerging trends and hot topics that will guide the future of the industry. 

The show will also feature a University Foodservice Roundtable, which will gather representatives from colleges and universities at an open forum to discuss the challenges, opportunities and innovations that are unique to the university setting.

During ECRM’s Foodservice event, pre-scheduled meetings will take place in the seller’s meeting space, where food and beverage product offerings are reviewed and tasted. Meeting schedules are available weeks before the event and ECRM pre-qualifies each meeting to ensure all attendees get face time with the companies that fall into the appropriate category focus. 

“This format is an excellent use of productivity in my opinion for both me as a buyer/end user and for the vendors,” said Charles Riley of Omni Hotels Corp. “At ECRM events you are on a schedule, you are not locked into your operation, so there no distractions from the meetings with my potential partners.”

For more information about ECRM's Foodservice event, please contact Sarah Sweitzer at [email protected] or at 440-542-3033.

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