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Former Wal-Mart Vice Chair Spared Prison, Gets Community Service

BENTONVILLE -- Wal-Mart’s former vice chairman Tom Coughlin was spared prison time when a federal judge on Friday ordered him to perform 1,500 hours of community service.

In January 2006, Coughlin pleaded guilty to five counts of wire fraud and one count of tax evasion. He was ordered to pay a $50,000 fine, $ 306,822.40 in restitution to Wal-Mart, and $104,395.60 to the Internal Revenue Service.

Coughlin has already paid the fine and restitution amounts. At the August 2006 sentencing hearing, federal prosecutors recommended that Coughlin serve six months to a year in prison. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sent Coughlin's case back for resentencing. The judge let the original sentence stand but added the 1, 500 hours of community service.

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