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Former Buy Rite Opens Under New Banner in Lake Park, Iowa

Scott Vogelaar and his wife Teresa are re-opening their grocery store in Lake Park, Iowa. The store, a former Buy Rite was closed in April of this year, leaving the town of 1,137 without a grocery store.

Their new Lake Park Foods store will offer fresh meat and produce in addition to groceries, and Vogelaar is planning to add a deli soon.

“This store was doing good business," Vogelaar said in the Sioux City Journal. "It had support. I believe it can enjoy more, as there is growth potential here. The businesses and bankers I've met are very progressive. They have a vision for the town."

The Vogelaars also own Sanborn Foods, in nearby Sanborn, Iowa, after purchasing it from Scott’s parents in 2011. Sanborn Foods also offers dried beef, beef jerky and beef sticks as well as bratwurst that Vogelaar makes on site; these products also will be offered at the Lake Park store.

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