Former Albertsons CIO Joins Altierre's Board

Altierre Corp., a provider of wireless pricing solutions for retailers yesterday added grocery retail technology veteran and former Albertson's c.i.o. Robert J. Dunst, Jr. to its board of advisors.

"Bob is recognized as a visionary leader in identifying and implementing breakthrough technologies for large retail chains and is a perfect fit for Altierre," said Altierre chairman and c.e.o. Sunit Saxena.  "As a recognized expert in RFID with 25 years of direct industry experience, Bob has a clear understanding of the complex challenges that our target customers face. His insights and expertise will be tremendous assets for Altierre."

Altierre's wireless solution features long-range RFID technology and back-end data-management capabilities designed to deliver real-time, chain-wide dynamic pricing, improve price accuracy, reduce costs and paper waste, and enable targeted communications with customers and employees. 

"Altierre has developed a groundbreaking solution to a critical IT gap that plagues retail chains, particularly the grocery sector, where an ability to change prices frequently and accurately would have a significant positive impact to the bottom line," said Dunst. "Altierre has developed an RFID-based platform which [views] the supply chain through retail stores." 

Dunst served as e.v.p. of supply chain and technology at Albertson's, Inc. as well as c.t.o..  He was responsible for the company's supply chain organization as well as procurement, inventory management, distribution, warehousing, and logistics. During his tenure, Albertson's was a founding member of EPCglobal, the not-for-profit organization that created industry standards for RFID technology.

While at Albertson's, Dunst became an advocate for the use of data warehousing technology and oversaw the initiative to use RFID to track goods through the company's supply chain. Prior to Albertson's, he was v.p. of advanced technology and the Internet business group at Safeway. He also has served as a director in the consulting and outsourcing unit at IBM, and was an executive board member of the Global Commerce Initiative and World Wide Retail Exchange.
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