Food Lion's Bloom Pharmacies to Feature Automated Health Stations

SALISBURY, N.C. -- Delhaize-owned Food Lion here yesterday completed installation of its fifth automated health station inside a Bloom pharmacy as an additional service to help promote the health of its shoppers.

The health clinics are LC500 units, supplied by Rockville, Md.-based Lifeclinic International, Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of automated health-testing stations.

The LC500 offers automated blood pressure, weight, body fat, BMI, and blood oxygen tests, as well as glucose meter upload capability. Additional peripheral input ports on the LC500 include IR (infrared) and USB for interfacing with various personal health devices, including pedometers and personal activity monitors. Patients may navigate through the LC500's interface of test options and health information database via a standard 10.4-inch color LCD touchscreen.

"We wanted to complement our patient consulting and offer our customers a health station with expanded capabilities," said John Bednarz, director of pharmacy for Bloom and Food Lion. "Our customers can easily save their readings after each testing session to an electronic personal health record (PHR). The LC500's Internet connectivity makes it easy for our customers to access their records and facilitates discussions with their health care provider."

Data generated from biometric tests at the LC500 is saved to the customer’s PHR at the HIPAA-compliant Lifeclinic Web site. Patients can then manage their data from any Web browser via Lifeclinic’s Web site ( Reports can be created from the Web site -- including charts and graphs of the saved data -- and then shared with the pharmacist or other health professionals.
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