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Food Lion Prepares Customers - and Itself - for Frances

SALISBURY, N.C. - Once again, Food Lion is gearing up for a storm, sending extra supplies, equipment, and products to stores that may be affected by Hurricane Frances.

With 43 stores in Florida and 54 stores in Georgia, the retailer is keeping a close watch on the weather services as the storm approaches, and sending equipment, supplies -- and products -- to those that may have the biggest need.

"We are carefully monitoring the storm, and sending extra supplies of ice, water, and batteries, to the areas that appear to be in the storm's path," Food Lion's corporate communications manager Jeff Lowrance told Progressive Grocer. "Some of our customers in those areas tend to stock up early, so we want to make sure the products are available."

Food Lion is also preparing itself for the storm to come. "We're securing and deploying generators and refrigerated trailers, in case there are power outages," Lowrance said. "The tough thing about it is you have to maintain the balance between being able to deploy the equipment fast enough to the areas that need them, but not too early, because the storm can change direction at the last minute and you can't redeploy it fast enough."

-- Joe Tarnowski
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