Food Lion Employs New Technology to Improve Store-Level Merchandising

CHICAGO and SALISBURY, N.C. - Information Resources Inc. and Food Lion LLC, a division of Delhaize America, announced today that Food Lion is using IRI's Apollo Web Viewer solution, part of IRI's Apollo Suite, to streamline its store-level merchandising operations across the retailer's entire network of stores.

Using the Apollo Web Viewer, Food Lion will now have the ability to execute corporate merchandising programs in more than 1,200 stores.

"With over 75 percent of products being sold from the shelf, we work hard to create merchandising plans that provide our shoppers with a selection that reflects their needs," said Mike Taschke, Food Lion's director of store merchandising. "However, our detailed analysis only pays off if we're able to get the planograms executed in each store easily and in a timely manner. With IRI's Apollo Web solution in place, we're able to make decisions more rapidly, then immediately turn those decisions into action at the store level. The Apollo solution provides a simple distribution vehicle for planning information that ultimately helps each location maximize their store's performance through improved merchandising capabilities."

Food Lion also uses IRI's Apollo Suite. "The Apollo Suite assists Food Lion to maximize retail space and improve category performance and customer reach using a set of integrated tools to develop and drive its merchandising operations," added Taschke.
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