Food Lion Announces "Hunger Has a Cure" Campaign

SALISBURY, N.C. - On June 5, in communities across the country, people will gather to focus the nation's attention on the problem of domestic hunger and its impact on the nation's children. In support of this effort, Food Lion, in partnership with America's Second Harvest, has announced a month-long program titled "Hunger Has a Cure."

Food Lion's "Hunger Has a Cure" campaign kicks off on National Hunger Awareness Day, June 5, and runs through July 5 in all 1,190 Food Lion stores. The food and funds contributed in each store will support that area's local Second Harvest food bank.

Customers can contribute change into coin collection canisters or into Coinstar machines at Food Lion stores. They can also purchase $1 paper icons at the register, or they can purchase one or more paper icons for a $3 or $5 bag of food. These contributions all benefit the community's local food bank.
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