FMI’s Food Safety Program Gains FDA Recognition

SQF’s audits are officially in alignment with FSMA rule
Emily Crowe
Multimedia Editor
If It’s Not Safe, It’s Not Food
SQF recently completed a pilot program with USDA.

FMI – The Food Industry Association’s food safety management program, Safe Quality Food (SQF), announced that it has officially completed a U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) pilot program. Additionally, the SQF Food Safety Code: Food Manufacturing, Edition 9, and the SQF Addendum for the Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule, have been announced as in alignment with the Food Safety Modernization Act’s (FSMA) Preventive Controls for Human Foods Rule.

During the pilot program, SQF shared how its process relates to more than 500 aspects of the FDA’s Preventive Controls for Human Food Rule. As such, it has been determined that SQF audits generally address FDA’s food safety requirements.

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“As the food industry association, FMI strives to bring all aspects of the food industry together, and this recognition by FDA will make SQF an even more essential part of the fabric of the food industry,” said Leslie G. Sarasin, president and CEO at Arlington, Va.-based FMI. “For decades, we have upheld the SQF food safety program within the manufacturing sector, and we expanded our reach across other segments within the supply chain in recent years, including produce operations, storage and distribution centers, food packaging manufacturers, and foodservice and retail operations.”

Continued Sarasin: “Food facilities with SQF certification have the highest level of food safety management systems. With FDA’s recognition today, firms purchasing from SQF-certified facilities should have more assurances that their food safety programs are consistent with FDA regulations under the Preventive Controls for Human Foods Rule.”

SQF’s network includes more than 13,000 certified sites in more than 40 countries. According to FMI, since SQF audits are conducted in accordance with the FDA’s pilot program, they are a useful tool foreign facilities producing food for consumption in the United States, as well as importers.

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