Flowers Foods Acquires Roman Meal Trademark

Flowers Foods Inc. has acquired the Roman Meal trademark for whole grain breads and buns in the United States, as well as in Mexico, Canada, Bermuda and the Bahamas, from Roman Meal Co., in Tacoma, Wash. Financial terms of the transaction weren’t disclosed.

A 103-year-old brand — one of the oldest in the U.S. baking industry — Roman Meal is licensed by Roman Meal Co. to bakeries in the United States and other countries. Thomasville, Ga.-based Flowers is one of seven baking companies with a license to sell Roman Meal breads and buns in the United States; the others are Bimbo Bakeries USA, H&S Bakery Co., Holsum Bakery, Lewis Bakeries, Love’s Bakery and Schwebel's. The brand's annual U.S. retail sales are about $26 million.

The deal will have no effect on current licensing agreements in the continental United States, which Flowers will now administer. Roman Meal Co. will license the Roman Meal brand from Flowers in Hawaii and Guam, and will retain brand ownership in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

One of the largest producers of fresh packaged bakery foods in the United States, Flowers has been a licensed baker of Roman Meal bread for more than 40 years. Among Flowers’ most popular brands are Nature's Own, Wonder and Tastykake.

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