Five Minutes With Jill Manchester,VP Marketing Immediate Consumption Channel

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Five Minutes With Jill Manchester,VP Marketing Immediate Consumption Channel


What is the consumer insight that led Kraft to place so much emphasis on instant consumption products?

Consumers are changing their attitudes and actions about meal times. In conversations we’ve had with consumers we’ve found that their meal times are more informal and fragmented, and they are no longer eating three meals a day. In fact, snacks are becoming the "fourth" meal, accounting for 19% of eating occasions. Currently, half (50%) of all eating occasions and 76% of immediate consumption eating occasions are away from home.

What sort of products have you introduced to meet the growing need for on-the-go products?

MANCHESTER: Since consumers are snacking more they are seeking more variety and choices in the foods they eat. Kraft Snacks and Mini-Meals have created options including cookies and Cakesters, nuts and trail mix, shelf stable meats and cheeses, as well as mini meals like Snacks to Go, Lunchables, Bagelfuls and Stuffed Rolls. One of Kraft’s competitive advantages is our broad portfolio that offers solutions to consumers who want a small indulgence, a quick boast of energy or a balanced nutritional snack.

PG: Is Kraft doing anything to help retailers showcase the availability and for merchandising the products in store?

MANCHESTER: Shoppers are in a hurry and they don't want to shop every aisle of the store searching for a new snack. To meet consumers’ need for a quick shopping trip that exposes them to the broad variety of snack food options, we introduced the Kraft Snacks and Mini Meal Merchandiser. This state-of-the-art merchandiser offers a variety of our best sweet rewards, salty treats and substantial snacks all in one place.

PG: What would you tell a retailer if they wish to maximize sales of instantly consumed products?

MANCHESTER: Retailers need to understand the complex snacking needs of their consumer and to quickly provide them with a unique solution. They need to know if a shopper wants a general snack, an indulgence, performance or just an impulse snack. If shoppers are looking for a meal replacement, retailers need to know if they’re looking for an on-the go breakfast or lunch or if they need to replace a missed meal, which requires more nutritional benefits.