Launches to Connect Buyers and Suppliers of Wholesale Seafood

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Open Menu Launches to Connect Buyers and Suppliers of Wholesale Seafood

08/18/2011, which is being billed as "the premier online community and marketplace for buyers and suppliers of wholesale seafood," recently launched. The free service was designed to help restaurants and retailers form new business relationships with suppliers, maximize operating efficiency, and boost profits. operates under the premise that most seafood buyers only do business with a handful of suppliers with whom they have existing relationships, thus limiting their seafood options and offering very little price leverage. When their current suppliers do not have what they are looking for, buyers are forced to pay a premium to get the product they want or to settle for one that's less than ideal. The limiting and time-consuming search for seafood often leaves buyers frustrated and dissatisfied.

FishList is designed to make finding and purchasing seafood easy by placing an expansive product inventory and supplier database all at buyers' fingertips.

Users can quickly locate products based on their unique criteria. Search options allow for products to be filtered based on 20 different variables, including origin, cut, quality and location.

Buyers searching for a great deal can take advantage of the Overstocks and Specials section. Also provided are in-depth supplier profiles that include company bios, distribution areas, location, and contact details so that a buyer can learn more about the people with whom he or she is considering doing business. In addition, customer feedback ratings are included.

Buyers have the option to add suppliers of interest to a "Favorites" list for one-click access to their detailed profiles and current inventories. Meanwhile, products of interest can be added to a "Watch List," a tool used to compare and keep track of options side-by side.

FishList does not process any transactions. Instead, it allows buyers and suppliers to network with each other on the site before completing the purchase privately.

"FishList functions as a neutral middleman up to the point of the sale, providing each party with all of the information they need so that all they have to do is pick up the phone and finalize the deal," said Eric Spett, co-founder. "The goal is to minimize the back-and-forth exchange and the need to ask questions, making the business process easier for everyone involved."