First Data Earns Giftex Prepay Innovation Award

First Data, a Denver-based provider of electronic commerce and payment services, has received the Giftex Prepay Innovation Award, presented by Giftex Prepay, which provides retailers, processors and banks with industry information, networking opportunities and educational seminars.

Presented at the recent Prepaid Expo in Orlando, Fla., the Giftex Prepay Innovation Award recognizes First Data’s role in leading the prepaid industry with new product development. Giftex Prepay acknowledged First Data’s launch of the GO-Tag Solution, a sticker product that employs contactless payment technology to make the shopping experience quick and convenient.

The GO-Tag can be attached to personal items such as mobile phones or employee badges, and eliminates the need to carry cash and credit or debit cards. The technology will initially be available as a prepaid payment product.

“First Data’s GO-Tag Solution can turn just about any personal item, from a mobile phone to an employee ID badge, into a payment device,” said Barry McCarthy, general manager, mobile commerce and point of sale solutions, for First Data. “GO-Tag represents an important step in the evolution from today’s traditional plastic cards, offering a bridge to the future of payments.”

Giftex Prepay runs the prepaid industry’s professional network, the Giftex Prepay Network, providing retailers, processors and banks with a range of intelligence, research, networking and seminars. Members come from 11 countries on four continents and include Starbucks, First Data, InComm, Home Depot, Travel Tags, Subway and Salans. The company publishes results and insights in the weekly “Global Prepay Intelligence” research bulletin.
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