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First Affiliate Network Exclusively for Card-linked Offers Gains Traction

The first affiliate network built exclusively for card-linked digital offers, promotions and incentives is creating awareness among savings-minded consumers.

The Omnyverse network from Linkable Networks has scaled quickly and already reaches more than 50 million consumers each month across more than 30 leading publishers, such as Slickdeals, Shopathome and It's similar to traditional affiliate networks with one significant difference – all its offers are linked to the shopper’s credit or debit card so they can use them in-store or online with proper first-click attribution no matter where they buy

The network is designed to enable retailers to engage shoppers digitally with SKU-level or store-wide promotions and coupons redeemed automatically without paper, printing or promo codes.  Linkable Networks officials said retailers for the first time can leverage the efficacy of performance-based marketing to drive and measure sales, whether mobile, online or in-store, in a way that is easier and more rewarding for the shopper.

“It provides retailers with the first fully digital, closed-loop coupon solution that bridges online and offline,” said Jeff Jensen, EVP, general manager of the network.

Michael Cramer, CEO of Adagio Teas, said the network “lets us measure the impact of our digital media based on actual sales both in-store and online – not test and control as we’ve had to use in the past. Our customers love the simplicity because there is nothing to forget – no promo codes to remember, nothing to print – and they get their reward regardless of where they purchase. We’ve always known that our digital marketing has driven in-store sales. Finally, we can actually quantify exactly how big that impact is.”

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