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Filippo Berio Provides High-Quality Staples for Plant-Based Diets

Product innovation and education are keys to better choices

Maintaining health and wellness is a perennial concern among consumers, and one that has grown in prominence in recent years. According to a McKinsey & Co. survey of consumers in six countries, including the United States, “Seventy-nine percent of the respondents said they believe that wellness is important, and 42% consider it a top priority.” Further, consumers “reported a substantial increase in the prioritization of wellness over the past two to three years.” Achieving personal goals in this area involves paying heed to numerous factors, including better nutrition. 

As consumers seek to improve their diets in the pursuit of wellness, they are paying more attention to plant-based foods and their health benefits. In the United States, the plant-based foods market was up 6.2% in 2021 and is expected to move higher. Although plant-based options often come at a premium compared with conventional alternatives, a survey by Deloitte found that 55% of consumers are “willing to pay a premium for food that contributes to their health and wellness,” even with economic uncertainties ahead. 

The spotlight on health and wellness should shine brighter with the start of a new year and the annual introspection that feeds resolutions. For some, adopting more plant-based foods in their diets is likely to be high on this year’s list, while others will embrace full veganism for Veganuary — an initiative to avoid all animal products for the month of January. To get consumers off to a good start, grocers have an opportunity to feature plant-based foods with nutritive benefits and contribute to discussions that educate shoppers about their choices.

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Filippo Berio
Filippo Berio’s recently launched Basil and Sundried Tomato Vegan Pestos are plant-based and both dairy- and gluten-free. With no heating or cooking required, the new products are convenient and highly versatile for any use.

Plant-Based Foods Offer Healthy Alternatives

Plant-based diets are associated with various benefits. One National Library of Medicine study links plant-based diets with significant weight loss and a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, suggesting that such regimens “may be a practical solution to prevent and treat chronic diseases.” As consumers seek the right balance of nutrient-dense foods — fruits, vegetables, beans, pulses, nuts and good fats — they can add flavor and taste to their meals by turning to olive oils and other plant-based accompaniments that enhance dishes while facilitating healthier living.

At Filippo Berio, supporting better-for-you eating has been part of the company’s tradition spanning 155 years. A long-standing producer of high-quality olive oils, the company also offers specialty vinegars and pestos, including new vegan options, that add variety and health benefits to any meal. “Consumers are clearly looking for opportunities to improve their diets and well-being through the foods they eat, and making some simple substitutions and small changes can go a long way in supporting better nutrition,” said Dusan Kaljevic, CEO of Filippo Berio USA. 

“Take extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), for instance,” continued Kaljevic. “Studies suggest that the level of phytochemicals in extra-virgin olive oil may assist in fighting cancer and heart disease.” Kaljevic went on to note that in the United States, however, only about 45% of households use olive oil products, with the balance potentially missing out on the associated health benefits.

Filippo Berio_SS_lockup
SUSTAINABLE SELECT is a specialty EVOO collection sourced from sustainably nurtured groves, with a completely traceable farm-to-bottle experience and the same commitment to quality found in all Filippo Berio products.

Education Remains Key to Good Nutrition

Some brands are focusing more on educating consumers about the foods they select at the supermarket, and while Filippo Berio has made inroads in the U.S. market, it knows that continuing informational campaigns throughout the purchasing process will be critical to building awareness, in-store traffic and adoption.

For Filippo Berio, that means that a commitment to exceptional standards extends beyond the final product and to all the information available to consumers. “We work to inform consumers about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet at every touchpoint, from the packaging labels and point-of-sale materials to our website, social media and advertising campaigns,” explained Kaljevic. “We’ve taken it a step further recently, introducing an online traceability tool for our new line of SUSTAINBLE SELECT olive oils, which provides information down to the olive grove from which our fruit was sourced.”

Consumer tastes, values and priorities will keep evolving, and so will leading olive oil producers like Filippo Berio, which has always stayed one step ahead. “We believe that a healthy, balanced lifestyle is accessible, and diet plays a significant role in achieving that lifestyle,” said Kaljevic. “That’s why we are continually innovating within our product lines and making healthy foods a simple and sustainable choice.”

Grocers Are Part of the Equation

Uncertain economic conditions will likely encourage shoppers to think twice about how they spend their grocery budgets, and those who wish to incorporate more plant-based and better-for-you foods in their diets will want accessible, quality options. Markets that stock brands like Filippo Berio, which offer the quality, flavor and price that consumers seek, can foster loyalty among their own shoppers and become a reliable source for healthy products that support greater well-being.