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Festival Foods Automates Key Processes

Festival Foods has selected BP Logix, provider of BPM solutions for rapid workflow app development, to automate and streamline core processes. With a mission to become Wisconsin's leading and most innovative grocer, Festival Foods' selection of BP Logix's business process management software will address needs ranging from inventory and purchase order reconciliation to procurement and onboarding.

Mike Nomland, Festival Foods' director of IT, said while the regional retailer has long enjoyed a reputation for outstanding customer service, many of its back office processes were still manual and vulnerable to human error. One of those processes involved receiving groceries, scanning invoices and reconciling what was received with the invoices. That process, which was core to business operations, sometimes required reconciliation and correction downstream.

Seeking to ensure consistent results, Nomland identified the need for the next generation solution, needs for which included: 1) automated; 2) scalable; 3) efficient; 4) able to be standardized across all stores. 

"Rather than build a solution in-house, we wanted to automate the workflow and standardize our process," explained Nomland. "In that way IT could continue to work on longer-term, visionary projects."

Jay O'Brien, CEO of BP Logix, said: "Assisting forward-looking companies that understand customer engagement is a pleasure. It is providing value and understanding how to deliver that value to customers that differentiates companies like Festival Foods."

Festival Foods is a family- and employee-owned company operating 22 full-service supermarkets, as well as Sentry Foods in Paddock Lake, Wis. Currently employing 5,850 full- and part-time associates, Festival Foods will open new stores in Green Bay, Menasha and Somers, Wis., later this year.

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