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FDI, NGA Announce Food FleetXchange Deal

The new Food FleetXchange transportation Internet portal launched by Food Distributors International (FDI) and the National Grocers Association (N.G.A.) Aug. 1 is already expanding and adding new services, members of the two food industry associations were told on Sunday during the Midyear Executive Conference.

Developed and powered by AmeriQuest Transportation and Logistics Resources Corp., Cherry Hill, N.J., Food FleetXchange is a joint initiative by N.G.A. and FDI to provide its members with discounted prices for fleet-related products and services, such as tires, lubricants, brakes, tractors, transmissions, engines and even forklifts. Food FleetXchange also includes an online information service for fleet professionals to obtain information and compare notes.

As a result of the decision to merge the original FleetXchange for FDI and a new buying service that was being developed for N.G.A. by AmeriQuest, the
buying power of more than 200,000 power units have been aggregated to enable suppliers to offer the best possible prices.

"This is not just another pie-in-the-sky promise by some dot-com company with no experience in our industry," said John R. Block, FDI president and CEO.

"This program was created by a real brick-and-mortar company with established supplier relationships and years of experience in providing transportation and logistics services for our industry. They have applied today's Internet technology and the result is an incredibly efficient system for our members to purchase products they buy every day at extremely favorable prices."

N.G.A. President Thomas A. Zaucha noted that the food industry has been working to implement the cost-savings and efficiency principals of Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) for years. "Food FleetXchange is really making ECR a reality in terms of transportation and logistics," he said. "It is taking waste out of the system, allowing trading partners to work together seamlessly, resulting in real dollar savings in a major cost center of our businesses."
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