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Farm Stores Drive-Thru Repositions Brand

MIAMI - Farm Stores Grocery Inc. recently announced the launch of an aggressive growth plan for its 45-year-old "Farm Stores Drive-Thru" brand. The plan calls for 100 new stores in South Florida within five years and conversion of its existing 103 drive-thru Farm Stores in Florida to Express Markets with more product selection, sizes and competitive supermarket prices.

More than 18 stores have already been converted to the new Express Market concept and the company's patented pre-fabricated design enables it to literally "drop-in" new stores with a crane. These pre-fabricated stores are up and running within six weeks as opposed to the standard six months it takes other retailers, according to the company.

"Many of our loyal customers are working moms who now want more product selection with the same fast drive-thru service we have always delivered," said CEO Carlos Bared. "That's why the new brand repositioning introduces the 'Always fast, Always fresh' slogan to reinforce the Farm Stores brand equity of fast service and fresh, high quality products," he said.

The company also announced its plan to enter the online grocery segment. In the Farm Store online model, customers will order at from a full line of grocery items and then pick-up their pre-packaged orders at a drive-thru near their office or home without getting out of their cars. "Farm Stores will be eliminating the costly and inefficient home-delivery leg of the distribution system," explained Bared.
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