Family Farms Campaign Against 'Corporate' Chicken

MADISON, Wis. -- Dismayed by out-of-state corporations increasingly pushing home-grown products from the meat case, more than 100 Wisconsin farm families who raise all-natural chicken for Gold'n Plump are joining forces to launch a statewide public education campaign this month.

"We're a family farm doing what we can to make a living," said Joe Bragger, who runs the Bragger Family Farm in Independence, Wis. with his extended family. "We work hard to raise the best, freshest chicken we can for Wisconsin families to enjoy. But the corporate guys have a lot of muscle, and they're trucking in more and more chicken from out of state. That's bad news for fresh local chicken and bad news for our local economy."

The campaign includes a modest-budget radio ad featuring a folk singer performing a comical protest song telling corporate chicken to "get stuffed." The campaign's Web site provides a downloadable letter of support for concerned consumers, enabling Wisconsin residents to demand that the meat managers of their local grocery stores carry Wisconsin chicken.

Stores in the state that carry the full line of Wisconsin-raised Gold'n Plump chicken include Woodman's, Cub Foods, and select independent Pick'n Save and Supervalu stores, the farmers said.

"[W]e need the help of the public to keep the quality of the food our families enjoy the highest it can be," noted Bragger.

Wisconsin currently receives $4 million a year in taxes, jobs, and agricultural supplies from the state's chicken farm business, according to the farmers.
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